Apart from the studies, the students are given enough time for outdoor games like Football, Cricket, Volley ball, Basket ball & Badminton and indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, Ludo & Billiard/Snooker etc. Every alternate year the school organizes the Sports and concert. School Fete is being organized in April/May every year where most of the parents attend and take the child for 2 days local holidays. In Academic side the students are prepared for Quiz, Spell well, Debate, Ex-tempore speech , Elocution & Talent contests. They are also prepared for Art & Craft exhibition. The Inter House contests are held in school. The school do participate in Inter School contests & tournaments organized by AIHLIS (Associations of ICSE Schools) or by local or District institutions. Most of the Festivals are celebrated in school & the students are taken for a Picnic and are allowed to attend the functions of other ICSE Schools. Celebrations are held on some important Days like Teacher's, Children, Independence, Foundation days etc.


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